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Tri City  Hand Car Wash
Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia, Pinion Hills,& Victorville

Hand Car WashHand Car Wash

We always start with a thorough hand washing. We wash the car from top to bottom. Unlike a mechanical carwash we get to the spots the robots miss.



Tri City Car WashWe really should be saying VALUE! The attention to detail and the individual care that every customer gets at Tri City Car Wash cannot be measured against more automated systems. The difference in detail from hand crafted anything and mass production is not measurable. “By Hand” is a brand unto itself and deserves the connotation of care and service that it deserves.


Tri City Car Wash’s family of employees has been serving Victorville, Adelanto, Hesperia, Apple Valley and the entire greater San Bernardino County for over a decade. We have maintained a continuity of reliable employees. Trustworthiness is paramount at our Hand Carwash. And you are always welcome to supervise the finish of your car wash.


Car Wash Water RecyclingIt should only take 7 gallons of water to wash your car on your drive way at home. That is if you take steps to conserve water. Seems like a small enough amount of water, until you figure that everyone in the High Desert might be doing the exact same thing. If you take into consideration that only 10% of the desert might wash there car once a week, that adds up to 350,000 gallons. Take an acre of land and cover it in one foot of water, that is as much water as a family of 4 uses in a year.

Tri City Hand Car Wash Recycles Water from Every Car Wash!


Tri City Hand Car Wash uses the best soaps and polishes, a dedication to delivering the most professional experience. Employees are provided with a work environment that minimizes turn over. Management scrutinizes very system and wash at Tri City Car Wash. The business of treating not only the customers Car, but the customer with the utmost professionalism is the everyday mission of Tri City Hand Car Wash.


 Cities We Service
Adleanto, Apple Valley, Barstow, Big Beal Lake, Crestline, Hesperia, Joshua Tree, Lucerne Valley, Needles, Running Springs, Twentynine Palms, Victroville, Wrightwood, Yermo, Yucca Valley



Tri City Car Wash
12441 Hesperia Road, Suite #9

Tel: (760) 241-7372