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tri City Car Wash Winshiled RepairWhen you get a chip or a crack in your windshield, you have options to consider in taking care of  your problem. The most common option that people first consider is replacing the windshield completely.  But most people do not have the time to make an appointment and wait for their windshield to be replaced. Even if you make an appointment with a mobile auto glass replacement company, you may still have to wait days for a technician to be available and for your windshield to be in stock.

Are you certain that your windshield needs to be replaced? Full windshield breaks will obviously create the need for replacement. But if your windshield is simply chipped or cracked, then you can benefit from using an auto glass repair organization. If you are watching a small crack slowly turn into a larger one, or if you are constantly being distracted by that small chip in your windshield while you are driving, then you need to get in touch with a professional windshield repair organization that can help you get the service you need and get your windshield back to the way it is supposed to be.

Call us to set up an appointment. Each repair will take  roughly 20-30 minutes.

Crack & Chip Repair

Glass and Chip Repair Tri City CarwashChips and cracks are the two most common types of damage to a windshield although sometimes a combination break develops which has the characteristics of both types of damage. Chips appear when something hits the windshield. The weight, shape and velocity of the object determine the degree of damage; a bullet causes more damage than a piece of gravel. The different shapes of damaged areas have specific names in the industry and your technician will usually refer to them by the “official” name. If you familiarize yourself with these terms, it will help us understand your problem a little better when you call us about windshield chip repair in the Austin area. Insurance companies consider these events to be no-fault occurrences because in most circumstances the driver couldn’t avoid the impact.

Common Types of Winshield Cracks and Chips

Winshiedl Repair Victorville Tri City Car WashWinchield Star Break

A Star break is defined by the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS) as damage that exhibits a series of legs that emanate from the break.  This type of break has multiple legs extending from the impact point and is characterized by their “X” shape or star-like appearance.  Windshield Star breaks can be repaired if the total diameter of the break (including legs) does not to exceed 3 inches.

Winshield Bulls Eye Break

Broken Winshield Repair Tri City Car WashA Bullseye is defined by the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS) as damage that is marked by a separated cone in the outer layer of glass that results in a dark circle with an impact point.  It is round with no cracks radiating from the center impact point.  ROLAGS sets a maximum size for Bullseye break at one inch.

Winshield Half Moon Break

Half Moon Winshiled Break Tri city Car Wash Apple Valley, Victorville, HesperiaA Half Moon break is defined by the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS) as a partial Bullseye that’s no larger than one inch. The Half Moon consists of a half circle partial cone of separated glass around the point of impact.


Winshield Combonation Break

Winshield Repair Combonation Break Tri Cith Car WashA Combination break is defined by the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS) as damage with multiple characteristics, i.e., Star within a Bullseye, short or long crack(s) emanating from the damage. More severe, this type of break is a combination of a Bullseye and Star break.  Combination breaks can be repaired if the diameter of body (excluding legs) does not exceed 2 inches.

Winshiled Repair Apple Valley Hesperia Victorville Tri City CarwashWindshield Repair Disclaimer

Due to the process of using pressure and vacuum cycles to repair laminated auto glass and the unstable properties of already broken glass, the damaged area may develop additional cracks or existing cracks may increase in length.  These problems are very rare and occur in less than .1% of all windshield repairs performed.  In the unlikely event that we cannot repair the damage to your satisfaction or the damage grows in length either during the repair process or anytime following the completion of the repair, Auto Glass Rescue liability is limited to a refund of any amount charged for the attempted repair.

Customers agree to pay in full at the time service is rendered unless prior arrangements have been made with Auto Glass Rescue


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