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Automotive Window Tinting

Tri City Car WashThe first thing to think about when looking for window tinting is experience with finish and detailing an automobile. There are so many elements that contribute to your car’s finish and trim. Tri City Car Wash has the entire car experience and more. We understand what a finish car looks like and what the face of a satisfied customer looks like as well.

Windwo TintingTinting your car’s windows is the most affordable way to give your car that custom look. And tinted windows are more than just a dramatic and attractive addition to any auto detail trim package. Tinted windows reduce glare. Window Tint comes in a variety of shades manufactured with string ultraviolet inhibitors protecting your cars interior and reduced use of air conditioning. Tinted. Window Tint may also work as a safety feature with broken glass.

Tri City Car WashTri City Car Wash offers Sun tek and John Insulation film. Sun tek window film is manufactured with quality and pride in the USA. Up-to-date colors and shades match the latest factory tints adding a stylish, sophisticated look to your car. Johnson’s films are constructed from Titanium Nitride. The result is excellent glare reduction and heat rejection even when compared to darker competing tints. The tint blocks high levels of solar energy including infrared light rejection and almost zero penetration of ultraviolet light

All ceramic tints are highly durable and won’t fade, discolor, oxidize, or deteriorate unlike cheaper tints. With this tint you go big or go home. If you can afford it, Johnson Insulatir offers excellent, high-performance automotive window tinting.

windowtintjohnsonTri City Car Wash has been serving Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville and High Desert Residents for more than 10 years. Tri-City We has the experience you can trust and we stand behind every one of our windows that we tint.

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